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Want to Sell your MOT Failure Car?

When a vehicle fails it MOT it sometime will cost too much to get the vehicle back on the road and the vehicle then needs to be scrapped or sold on for parts.

Our first port of call is to get our in-house mechanics to take a look at the vehicle, therefore in some circumstances we are able to get the vehicle back on the road using our mechanics skills and parts we have sourced from other vehicles.

If the MOT failure is uneconomical to repair, we recycle as many parts as possible before using a trusted ATF to scrap the vehicle.

All quotes have free collection for MOT failures as driving a vehicle without MOT is not legal and transporting the vehicle to the scrap yard can often cost too much.

Our quotes for MOT failures are made with your current cars situation in mind so we can often pay more than the scrap value of your vehicle.

All vehicles will be collected no matter the condition.

All Payments are Guaranteed to be in your bank account before your car is removed.

Scrap Car yard takes recycling seriously and ensures every vehicle is scrapped correctly and legally, we will ensure everything is filled out and the DVLA are notified.