Want to get the best price for your old car? Fed up with it taking up space outside your home?

Once a vehicle bites the dust, it’s usually easier to call a scrap car buyer than to sell it. Few people want to buy a car that needs plenty of work, unless it’s a classic car or worth the effort.

Scrap Car Yard are leading buyers of scrap vehicles in Basingstoke, who cover a wide radius of locations. We pay excellent prices for your vehicle and can offer immediate payments. Better yet, we completely take the hassle out of removing your vehicle. Your vehicle will then be recycled and its old parts put to good use.

How do our scrap car buyers in Basingstoke work?

A member of our team will come to your property in Basingstoke and take the car away, making the process smooth and simple. We buy every type of vehicle, not just cars. All you need to do is enter your registration on the website. We can then provide a quick and accurate quote.

Our founder and CEO has been in the motor trade her entire life. Highly knowledgeable, she loves helping people get the best price for their car.

For more information, call our scrap car buyers today.

01256 686 088.