Want to get the best price for your vehicle in Basingstoke?

Scrap Car Yard can collect all types of vehicles and recycle the parts for future use. We always offer the best price for your scrap car and offer a free collection, along with same-day service, to make the whole process easier.

Our team will also make an immediate payment after collecting your vehicle, so you can have extra cash in your pocket for that summer holiday!

Most of our offers are based on the weight of the vehicle, but if you’re not happy with the offer simply get in touch to see if we can negotiate.

A family-run business, we pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism.

Ultimately, Scrap Car Yard want to take the hassle out of scrapping your vehicle. Along with cars we also accept all types of vehicles, even caravans and motorhomes.  And if you don’t have the keys of the vehicle, the chances are we can still help.

No matter the circumstances, we want to help you scrap your car in Basingstoke in the quickest time possible. Highly experienced, we’ve been buying and selling vehicles for many years, although our main business is now the scrapping industry.

To scrap your car in Basingstoke, simply get in touch today.

01256 686 088.