Is your car ready to join the scrap heap in Reading? Do you need an efficient pick-up service?

Whether we like to or not, many drivers get attached to certain cars. Whether it was your first ever vehicle after passing your test, or it’s been used throughout your children growing up, it was part of your daily life and it’s like saying goodbye to an old friend.

It’s often a sad day to say goodbye to a car that’s served you well. However, if it hasn’t been damaged by an accident, it’s unfortunately inevitable- all cars bite the dust eventually unless they have thousands of pounds spent on them.

The average lifespan of a car is around 150,000 miles on the clock but it depends on how well it’s taken care of.  A well-maintained modern car can usually manage 200,000 miles before something major usually fails, like the transmission, the engine, or the frame/body.

Want immediate payment for your scrap car?

Our scrap car pick-up service in Reading is quick, efficient and stress-free. We can often deliver a same-day service and guarantee a free collection, with the best possible price offered for your scrap vehicle.

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