Scrap your Vehicle for Cash in Sandhurst, Berkshire

Sandhurst is most well-known for its military training facilities, including the Royal Military College. However, it is also famous for its tug-of-war championships, which took place between 2000 and 2013. The team from Sandhurst have been world champions for three times in a row, a fact which is advertised on signposts into the town!

At Scrap Car Yard, we regularly pick-up old vehicles from this location, including cars, vans, motorbike and much more. Often, we can offer same-day service so you can get rid of your jalopy in the quickest time possible.

Professional and hard-working, Scrap Car Yard promises the most efficient and reliable service, with immediate payment for your vehicle. No delays, no messing about.

No matter where you’re based in Sandhurst, we will come in the quickest possible time and offer the best possible price for your vehicle. Dedicated to meeting your needs, we want to make scrapping vehicles quicker, easier and more profitable.

We are available in many locations in Berkshire to collect scrap vehicles of all kinds, from motorbikes and vintage cars to vans. Whether your vehicle has failed its MOT or has been written off, Scrap Car Yard can ensure it’s not left for long taking up space on your driveway.

Our team are always happy to negotiate if you’re not happy with our first offer. We have been known to credit £5,000 for the best vehicles and work hard to get the best deal for you. Scrap Car Yard always go that extra mile to make using this type of service more enjoyable.

If you need to scrap your vehicle in Sandhurst, contact our friendly team today.