Scrap your Vehicle in Eton, Berkshire

Based in Berkshire, Eton is most famous for its public school which has produced a high number of British Prime Ministers. Founded in the Tudor Age, Eton College has been described as the most famous public school in the world and a third of its pupils go to Oxford and Cambridge.

You only have to walk over the bridge crossing the River Thames to get to Windsor, which is home to one of the famous royal residences.

This historic town is one of the many locations covered by Scrap Car Yard who collect vehicles from all over Berkshire.

We also work in nearby Windsor on a regular basis. Whether you have an old car, motorbike, van or motorhome, our team make immediate payments for all types of vehicles. This includes the best prices for classic cars in all conditions.

We can provide quick quotes for your vehicle and have been known to pay up to £5,000 for the most sought-after cars. Our experienced team has been in this industry for many years and can collect both vehicles that have failed their MOT or been written off. They can also take vehicles that you simply don’t want anymore. Whatever your situation, they promise a speedy and efficient service in Eton, saving you time and hassle.

With free collections and a same-day service, Scrap Car Yard make this type of service as convenient as possible.

If you need to scrap your vehicle in Eton, simply contact our friendly team today.