Located only 4.5 miles from Reading and 4 miles from Wokingham, our team regularly collect vehicles from the village of Arborfield.

This area is well-known for Wellington Country Park, Lego Land, Stratfield Saye House and Heckfield Place Park, with Arborfield a mixture of both a village and town.

Whether you’ve broken down near Arborfield or have a scrap vehicle at your business in this area, Scrap Car Yard promises a speedy and foolproof service at all times.

Previously a British army garrison until as recent as 2015, Arborfield is currently been redeveloped with 3,500 houses planned, so we expect to collect many more scrap vehicles from this area in the future!

No matter its current condition, we can offer immediate payment for your scrap vehicle, whether it’s a dilapidated jalopy, rusting motorbike or unused motorhome.

Regardless of if your car has failed its MOT, your motorcycle has reached the end of its natural life, or your motorhome is no longer habitable, we make scrapping your vehicle for cash easier than ever and as profitable as possible- we’ve been known to make payments of up to £5,000 for some vehicles! While this might be rare, we strive to give our customers the best possible quote and are willing to haggle if you feel you can get a better price.

No matter where your vehicle is in Arborfield, we can come the same day to collect it and, unlike some companies, will make payment into your bank account as soon as possible.

Our services include collecting MOT failures where it costs too much to get it back on the road and replacing parts is simply uneconomical. You might think your vehicle isn’t worth much but it could be more than you think.