When you have a vehicle that needs to be scrapped in Berkshire, simply get in touch with our friendly family run company Scrap Car Yard for a quick and efficient removal service.​

Unlike plastic, metal is one of the most easily recycled materials regardless of whether it’s from buildings, vehicles or left over from surplus materials. And unlike other types of waste, metal usually has monetary value as it’s always in-demand. At Scrap Car Yard, we pay up to £5,000 for the vehicles we remove.

We carry out the removal of all sorts of scrap vehicles in Berkshire, including cars, vans and much more.

We can pay excellent prices for your scrap vehicle and promise an honest and professional service throughout the process of any removal. ​

Our team regularly collect vehicles which are written off so they can be recycled by our expert team. Whether you have a car, motorbike or van that’s failed its MOT or been damaged in an accident, your old scrap metal could be hugely profitable and get you extra cash for Easter.​

Our services include a free collection service in Berkshire, so you won’t have the hassle of getting scrap metal to us yourself. Once we offer a price and it’s been accepted, we will pay and collect the vehicle within 24-hours.

If you want to get rid of your scrap car in Berkshire today, simply contact Scrap Car Yard today.​

0118 911 7949.